We provide hygienic, fibre-rich structured and healthy hay from selected producers in the Black Forest and seek to combine the power of mother-nature with pioneering findings from scientific research to guarantee highest quality standards. 

We want to create an alternative to common roughage by offering a heterogeneously nature hay that supports a natural well-being of the animal.

CHoosing Us.


We stand for conscious nutrition that contributes to the animal welfare. Consciousness starts with conviction: We inspire horse owners to feed their horses exclusively hay from the Black Forest.


In this course the health and performance of the animal is promoted in the best possible way. To achieve this, we believe in the colourful diversity of the Black Forest meadows.


What Is Important to us.


In agriculture there are many efforts to re-establish biodiverse meadows and use them in harmony with nature. Hayreca supports its producers in promoting their biodiversity.


We see it as our task to promote naturality and biodiversity in a sustainable way to guarantee a high quality of hay.


Quality is our top priority. Hayreca sets an example: Quality may have its price but it must be justified. Thus, Hayreca aspires to guarantee an annually constant premium quality.


We see it as our task to integrate the interests of all partners in the continuous optimization process of our hay quality.


For Hayreca, high quality hay forms the basis for a long-lasting and healthy horse life. Many owners forget that horses have individual needs for rough-age depending on their area of use.

We see it as our task to provide the horses with the appropriate hay depending on their individual requirements.